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For this particular fried rice, I am going to share the recipe as I guess - perhaps - not many know the way of cooking fried rice à la Chinese Restaurant in Indonesia. I got this little knowledge from a chef who worked for my mother in her Chinese Food Restaurant back in the mid 80's in Jakarta. Some of the ingredients might be a little 'new' - feel free to ask so I can share the pic of the bottles/container for you to search.


Indonesia Fried Rice Ingredients:

- 3 cups of steamed rice

- 6 to 7 Tiger Shrimp, no shell and no head - deveined and wash, cut into 3 each.

- Fish meatball and Shrimp meatball, sliced into 4 each

- Chicken breast, slice thinly or diced (the smaller the nicer)

- 2 Green onion, chopped

- ¼ Onion, chopped

- 2-3 cloves garlic, chopped

- 2 eggs, beat well

- 2 tablespoon cooking oil (or pork oil if you prefer)

- 1 Teaspoon white pepper

- ½ Teaspoon oyster sauce

- 1 Teaspoon vinegar garlic sauce “Kecap Inggris” (some people replace this with Worchester Sauce - but I insist on using the original ingredients I'm familiar with in Indonesia)

- 1 Teaspoon Red Wine Vinegar (angciu)

- ½ Teaspoon Fish sauce

- 2 Teaspoon sesame oilSweet soy sauce “Kecap Bango”

- 2 tablespoon thick soy sauce (salted soy sauce)


- Heat the cooking oil on medium high then add eggs (as you make scrambled eggs).

- When eggs is golden-ish, add chopped garlic and onion.

- Sautee until smells nice and golden brown.

- Add the meat, fish meatballs and shrimps into the wok, adding sesame oil, Fish Sauce, Red Wine Vinegar and vinegar garlic “Kecap Inggris“.

- Then add oyster sauce.

- Lower the heat into medium low and continue cook the fish/meat until well cooked (water usually comes out of the meat, cook until water is almost evaporated).

- Then add the green onion to the wok, followed with the rice.

- Spread white pepper and thick soy sauce into the rice then sweet soy sauce until the rice color turns into dark brown (because of the sweet soy sauce), stir well.

- Remove from the heat and serve with Fresh pickle (Acar Mentah).

For the pickle, it's even easy; just cut into very small cubes (about ½ inch) of 1 mediums size cucumber, 2-3 slices of medium size pineapple, 6 to 8 medium size red pearl onions (taste closest to "bawang merah"), 1 medium size carrot. Add a tablespoon sugar to ½ tablespoon white vinegar (cuka), a little salt (to taste) and 4 ounces water. Taste the dilution and you decide if it needs more sugar or water or a bit more vinegar. To finish it add some Thai chili (or bird-eye chili) as many as you like. Put in a sterilized, sealed jar and it will last for about 3 weeks.

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