Saturday, July 19, 2008

KUE KACAMATA (Cassava Wrapped Plantain Cake)

This is one "Indonesian Traditional Market Treats" that is quite rare. Perhaps because nowadays people tend to enjoy modern treats/cake or perhaps because of the taste that isn't really a public favorite? I don't know. It might be because this type is not well-introduced even in Jakarta. But I do remember, a best friend of mine - from Bugis, Makassar, always had this type of cake at her house almost everyday... If the plantain (in Indonesia we named this plantain as "Pisang Tanduk" as it looks big like a horn) well-ripened then it will result in a very delicious cake.


- 500 gr ground cassava.

- 150 gr shredded coconut from a ripened one.

- 100 gr sugar- salt to taste

- Food Coloring essence and Pandan Essence

- 2 to 3 plantains

- Banana leaves to wrap

Coconut Coat:

- Shredded Coconut from a ripened one.

- Salt to taste


- Prepare the steamer to steam the cake.

- Dry the cassava by straining the water with cheesecloth. Let the water sit unti the starch sits on the bottom. Dump the water and add the starch to the cassava.

- Add the shredded coconut, sugar and salt. Mix well until sugar dissolves.

- At this point, you may divide the mix into three and put the color essence on each mix.

- Prepare banana leaves for each of the 3 plantains.

- Put each divided mix into each leave. level the mix.

- Add the plantains, cover all the plaintain with the mix.

- Then wrap up with the leaf, pin each of the long sides.

- Steam for approx. 40 minutes. Take out and let it cool.

- Slice the cake and serve with steamed shredded coconut.

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