Saturday, July 19, 2008


Imagine you're sitting on the food vendor on the side of Jakarta's crowded streets. It's a hot humid and busy night with lots of other kind of food sellers' tents/vendors around you. Your order is right in front of you with a cup of hot tea to company... I can't even remember when was the last time I ate this; as when we went to Jakarta last December 2007-January 2008 we didn't even buy this! I had stomach problem and were too worry about stomach so we couldn't buy. But the last couple of days I was so craving of Pecel Ayam and Nasi Uduk, so we went shopping last night. Got Basil Lemon Leaves (Daun Kemangi), fresh lemon grass, fresh galangal, fresh Thai egg plant (terong bundar hijau) and bird-eye chilis then I'm all set to cook. To accompany the rice, I prepared famous street-vendor fried-chicken which we commonly know as "Ayam goreng Berbumbu". Oh... it was heaven!! Even hubby ate what I ate. No complain except the hot chili. We didn't do "Sambal Terasi" as I can't stand the smell of toasted "Terasi" (shrimp/fish paste) that stays inside of the house, even after you air out the house for an hour!I guess the basic for the "Betawi Steamed Rice" (Nasi Uduk) is well-known by many people. But just in case here I share my recipe, which yields for 4-6 people;

- Rice and sticky rice
- ratio is 2 (rice) :1 (sticky rice)
- Galangal, lemon grass and 2 Indian bay-leaves (daun salam)
- Coconut milk (medium thickness) and salt to taste

- 4 to 6 pieces chicken
- 6 pearl onions (or shallots) and 3 garlic
- 4 candlenut (kemiri)
- 1 finger digit (that's how mostly Indonesians measure the amount of ginger or turmeric to use) of turmeric
- 1 Teaspoon tamarind
- Lemon grass, galangal (jerked) and Indian Bay leaves.
- Palm sugar and salt to taste
- 300 ml medium -thickness coconut milk with water enough to soak the chicken in.

- Bring coconut milk, galangal, lemon grass and Indian bay leaves to boil, add rice. Continue cooking until liquid is dry, occasionaly stir to keep rice from lumping. Take off from the heat and put aside.
- Prepare the steamer, when the water is boiling put the rice and steam until the rice is well -cooked. Like when you prepare regular rice.

- Put all the ingredients into the pot with the chicken, cook until the juice is boiling, done enough to marinade the chicken and chicken look half-cooked. Take out of the heat, put aside.
- Heat Cooking Oil in frying pan for deep frying. Fry chicken until all the skin looks golden-brownish. Serve with Rice, Lalap (fresh leaves) and sambal and krupuk (fried fish crackers).

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