Friday, August 14, 2009

August 2009 Cake

A Cake made for a friend's daughter's birthday, who is so into the "Twilight" movie. She googled online of an idea of the cake for the birthday and she gave me a picture and from there, not wanting to make a copy of someone's creativity and wanting my way, I made this cake; to fulfill her request and yet I don't have to make an identical cake with other's.

Anyway - I didn't really feel I was doing my best as we're in the process of selling our house and that requires the house to stay tidy and meticulous all the time, which means "creativity is killed and freedom is supressed". Constant cleaning after one bit of a work (to avoid mass mess which would require longer time to clean), since there have been people seeing the house. Ugh!... tired and sleepless because of this. I love doing cake as much as doing painting and sewing, so it bothers me to 'rush' myself with creativity.

Anyway - despite my disappointment of the final result (I wanted it to be perfectly, meticulously done), the birthday girl loved it and it was such a blessing to see her happy.

I really pray that we will be able to sell the house so we can move to a new-bigger house with an extra area that will be transformed into my studio; for painting, sewing and even will make a commercial kitchen in there. So I won't have to worry of messing up my house because of my art work. Yes, I hate to see messy house and I always want to see kitchen and all throughout the house clean and in order:)

Here is the picture of the cake. Technicality: the cake was white sponge cake with home-made raspberry jam (not mine but my friend's home-made jam). The chess pieces, the apple, ribbons all are made of fondant-gum paste mix. The flower is gum paste.

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