Friday, May 8, 2009

Glittery-Girly Cake

And this one is supposedly considered as "April's Cake" but since the birthday girl (who happens to be my friend Dana) was not doing well on that particular date of her birthday, we had to postpone our party to May 5th - which happened to be "Cinco De Mayo" day.
She was pretty annoying (LOL) for what to put on her cake. "I love this and that flower, but I don't want any flowers on my cake". Only on the Saturday before her birthday a flash of idea bump my head that I should do tiara. So here I was, only 3 days to go before the day and only started the tiara worked on Monday. Unfortunately, even though I made a spare for breakage, it still wasn't enough. I needed extra time and extra spare. Two tiaras were broken (which were all fully made of edible fondant-gum paste). They looked gorgeous, only too ugly broken to be mended:(. So, I had to use fake tiara... ughh... I wish I had time to prepare these stuff. But, have no fear, dear... next time I'll prepare myself (as always) a week ahead:). Not to mention the content inside is cake mix with store-bought strawberry jam *sigh*, while I'm proud and boasting myself as a person who love to make all-original made of scratch cakes.
This mid of May I get an order from friend (that's right, this time being only friends, relatives and people around who give order to me); for her hubby's 50th birthday. I must prepare days ahead to allow me time for getting annoyed of any unwanted results and give me mood boost again (LOL), so stick around to check my ideas!
Feel free to drop question or even if you think you want to order a cake from me. Let's try our wildest imagination and fantasy into the form of cakes!

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