Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rock Climbing and Snow skiing cake

This was for my friend's hubby's 50th birthday. He loves snow-skiing and rock-climbing and the birthday was held outdoor as well (where they were camping). Imagine, with my lack of experience, we drove down to the park (about more or less 1 hr 40 minutes) and I had to put all my decoration stuff (frosting and candies) in a cooler while the cakes (3 tiers) had to suffer the heat (which that day was around mid 80s).
All the time I was just praying and hoping the cake won't turn melted like a puddle of snow being 5 seconds in Sahara!:(
I guess that's one of the reasons the cake didn't hold the candle too well (see how number 5 seemed a bit crooked?) and piling up the cakes, despite the dowels, were not as easy as usual. Well... good experience and good lesson to consider a better system next time if I'm asked to make cake for some hours driving. Thanks to Nina who trusted her hubby's cake on my hands:).
PS: Yes, the people there, I made them all except the snow-boarding figurine (you can tell:)LOL).

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